The Music Video Man

The Music Video Man Formally "Terribly Drawn Ponies", I am now dedicating this tumblr blog to music videos!
Expect regular updates featuring the greatest, strangest and most unique music videos ever.

Also feel free to submit your own videos in the "Music Video Deposit Box".

#78. Thom Yorke - Atoms for Peace

This song/video has an otherworldy beauty that’s hard to describe in words.

#77. Pulp - Bad Cover Version

Some of these people look exactly like the originals! It’s uncanny

#76. Twaughthammer - Fallacies (Breaking Bad)
Directed by Jesse Pinkman

Badger is awesome.

#75. Of Monsters and Men - Little Talks
Directed by WeWereMonkeys

Nice indie song.

#74. Madonna - Dear Jessie
Directed by Derek Hayes

Madonna should make more songs like this.

#73. Don MacLean - American Pie (The Grand Rapids LipDub)
Directed by Rob Bliss

Impressive stuff. Roger Ebert calls it the best music video ever made.

#72. Andrew Huang - Never
Directed by Karl Richter

Been listening to Songs To Wear Pants To again. The last time was ages ago.

#71. Two Door Cinema Club - Something Good Can Work (RAC remix)
Directed and Danced by Nathan Barnatt

Obama Victory Dance

#70. Joanna Newsom - Peach Plum Pear

Home movies

#69. Cornelius - Twilight Zone

Simple idea, beautifully conveyed.

#68. Matthew Sweet - Girlfriend
Original film directed by Osamu Dezaki; edit by Roman Coppola

The original AMV

#67. Pogo - Wizard of Meh
Directed by Pogo

Can’t get this out of my head